• Product Models

Lifetime of Michelin Tubes
Number Of Pieces
Handling Per Day
Number Of Pieces
Handling Along The Lifetime
Scraping Spraying Scraping Spraying Scraping Spraying
7.50.16 JJ
10 13 290 320 2900 4160
7.50.20 JJ
16 19 310 325 4960 6175
8.25.20 KJ
20 24 330 350 6600 8400

» Above mentioned figures guaranteed for 8 hours of working a day according to our worldwide clients survey in 2013
» Each unit will be divided to be used for two legs of the manikin.
» Lifetime is double in comparison with local made tubes. It saves yıu money and time.
» It is very flexible product due to butyl material in it, and it fills up the jeans perfectly and gives no open space.
» It has perfectly clean surface leaces no scrape marks during the process.
» High durable product for applying chemicals on it.
» Product has great durability in different weather conditions, prıduct won’t be effected by storage.
» Michelin inner tubes are produces only for textile purposes.

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