• About Sertelli Textile

In its capacity as a MICHELIN Distributor selling inner tubes to the denim industry worldwide, our Company conducts its operations from its head office and points of sale in Turkey towards its business partners in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Tunisia, USA, Mexico, Russia, Romania, Italy.

Since the first day of our existence, we have performed our sales with an infrastructure of high quality products and reliable services, which has carried us to our current preferred position in the eyes of the manufacturers in the denim industry.

Being a continuously improving and growing company, committed to ensure customer satisfaction by punctual follow-up of the orders placed,  SERTELLI Textile, with its investments, goes on to enhance its power in the industry by supplying inner tubes to 26 countries through its head office in Istanbul and local resellers.

We will further our operations in the denim industry with our corporate identity we have created with our future-oriented investments, as a company which steers the industry, reacts to customer-oriented developments, is easily accessible and trustworthy.

SERTELLI Textile went live in Istanbul in the year 2009, building its existence and experience on supplying to denim manufacturers inner tubes produced by MICHELIN (specific for jeans production process), and since then has become a supplier preferred by world-class brands in denim industry. Having contributed, with the inner tubes it supplies, to the quality, Time Management, longevity, and hence the economic benefit of consumables used by the denim manufacturers in their production processes, our Company has won a leading position in the industry.

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